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Unmanaged stress can take a toll on your health and can make you dull. You need to practice yoga or meditate to restore your inner peace. Eating right along with yoga can help you relieve your stress. ‘Green energy’ is a powerful stress reliever that also provides many other health benefits.

Green energy’ is a blend of cucumber, green apples, kale, lemon, mint, red apple, romaine lettuce and zucchini. Let’s look at the benefits of all these magical ingredients.

Benefits of cucumber

Cucumbers are great as they’re low in calories and have soluble fiber. They are high in essential nutrients and contain a good amount of water. Cucumbers are ideal for weight loss and also promote hydration. They lower blood sugar levels and support regular bowel movements.

Benefits of green apples

Green apples have a lot of fiber and help in increasing our metabolism. They contain many minerals like zinc, manganese, copper and iron. Green apples are low in fat content and rich in antioxidants. They are considered as natural detoxifiers as they keep our digestive system, liver and kidney free from toxins. Green apples are rich in Vitamin A, B and C. They can reduce the risk of developing several types of cancer including the colon cancer.

Benefits of kale

Kale is considered one of the most nutrient-dense foods as it’s full of essential vitamins and minerals. Kale is high in beta-carotene, flavonoids, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-K and polyphenols. It helps in reducing the risk of heart disease and also protects the eyes.

Benefits of lemon

Many of us start our day with a glass of lemon water and we all know how refreshing it is. Lemons are high in vitamin-C, fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and many beneficial plant compounds. They support heart health, help in weight loss, prevent kidney stones, protect against anaemia, reduce cancer risk and improve digestive health. Lemons help with digestion, regulating natural bowel movement. Lemons have anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting respiratory tract infections. They flush out toxins from our body and keep our liver clean and healthy. They are powerful detoxifying agents and maintain the ph balance of the body

Benefits of mint

Mint has a refreshing flavour and is used to add flavour to a dish or beverage. It has a lot of health benefits like relieving a sore throat and treating indigestion. It is a great decongestant and gives a calming and cooling effect. Menthol present in mint helps in protecting the lining of the stomach and prevents gastric ulcers.

Benefits of red apple

Red apples are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and phytochemicals. They help in regulating diabetes and fighting tumours. Red apples are good for our heart and brain. They boost immunity and are perfect for people who want to lose weight. Red apples are rich in flavonoids which help in eliminating plaque that blocks arteries and thus, help in fighting hypertension.

Benefits of romaine lettuce

This crunchy vegetable is high in minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Romaine lettuce is rich in Vitamin-C, Vitamin-K and beta carotene. It is low in calories and improves digestion and circulation.

Benefits of zucchini

Zucchini, a member of the gourd family is high in water and fiber. It is rich in Vitamin-B6, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-K, folate, manganese, potassium and riboflavin. Zucchini improves digestion, eye health, heart health and slows down aging.

Say goodbye to your stress by drinking ‘Green energy’ today!

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