What Makes Us Different

We Are Really Good


We make our juice raw, alive and full of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. It never gets heated or high-pressurized, 100% fresh.



Every juice is filled with around one kilo of organic fruits and vegetables. Freshly pressed only, that proves terms of using and keeping.



Your body deserves the best vitamins and drinks. We provide only top quality products based on organic materials. Live long and healthy.


Only Natural Ingredients


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Cleanse Boxes

Boost your energy levels, make your skin glow and feel like a super hero with PulpyFusion cleanses. Choose one of our detox plans and we’ll bring it to your door raw and fresh.

Why Cleanse

Why cleanse?

Do you need a reason why your body needs detox? Well here you’ll find many.


Detox ’till Dinner with 4 Juices

Always stay light and balanced, with 4 juices per day. Stay in control the whole day, drink any 4 juices you choose and when the sun goes down have a light , healhty dinner.

Group Detox

Group Detox

Gather a group of friends, family or co-workers and benefit from discounted cleanse for all of you. It pays to take charge!

Just add the word GROUP at the field coupon at your checkout and enjoy 15% discount

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